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What the cams have meant in sex.

Let’s agree that everyone knows what the famous “Live Adult Cams” is, right? The practice of having “sex” through text messages. If you’re one of the people who sounds ridiculous, you’re one of the people who has never sexted in his life.

Okay, this practice has been around practically since the first mobile phones where you could send relatively long text messages. Then the web chat appeared and sexting had been somewhat relegated, as the advantage of typing as much as you wanted and in an unlimited way by a chat quickly discontinued to cell phones. But as time went by, we realized that the comfort of being in your bed and not in front of a computer was unparalleled.

Live Adult Cams

Adult Cams Live

That’s why we were thankful for the appearance of the new cam phones, and then evolved to the smart ones, which, conveniently, evolved the Live Adult Cams. Now, not only can we write to each other, but we can use our cell phone’s cam to make it more real. A sex cam every time we want (and have someone to use it with, obviously).

Same concept that has taken many porn sites to create live sex cam show portals, where anyone can broadcast to please their loyal readers.

Without a doubt, video cams have changed the way we see sex, as many people have seen their sex lives revitalized, either in steady or sporadic couples, thanks to the introduction of some photo or video.